亚博取现:研究证实 喷气式烘手机的卫生程度远低于传统纸巾

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本文摘要:Jet hand dryers spread dangerous bacteria around bathrooms and are significantly less hygienic than traditional paper towels, scientists have found.科研人员此前寻找,喷气式样烘手机会在卫生间内散播危险因素的细菌,公共卫生服务水平近高过传统式的卫生纸。


Jet hand dryers spread dangerous bacteria around bathrooms and are significantly less hygienic than traditional paper towels, scientists have found.科研人员此前寻找,喷气式样烘手机会在卫生间内散播危险因素的细菌,公共卫生服务水平近高过传统式的卫生纸。An international study in hospitals established that modern dryers create an aerosol effect, blasting E. Coli as well as traces of faeces and the bacteria responsible for septicaemia onto surfaces.一项在医院内进行的国际性科学研究确认,当代烘手机会造成一种做雾化实际效果,将大肠埃希菌、少量粪便和造成败血病的细菌刮具有物件表面上。

While the devices can often be activated without being touched, which is supposed to improve hygiene, they are problematic because people fail to properly wash their hands, the experts said.权威专家称作,尽管这类机器设备一般来说能够无须手碰触以后自主起动--这部不可提高公共卫生服务度--但因为大家没以有效的方法冼澡,这种机器设备還是不容易带来难题。This leaves harmful bacteria on the surface of the skin ready to be blown around the room.不因有效的方法冼澡不容易在肌肤表面交给伤害细菌,他们不容易被掀起屋子各部。By contrast, paper towels absorb the bugs better, preventing other people from becoming exposed to them.比较之下,卫生纸能更优地汲取细菌,避免别人遭受环境污染。

Published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, the study, the largest of its kind, was partly carried out at Leeds General Infirmary.该科学研究公布发布在美国《医院病毒感染杂志》上,是类似科学研究中经营规模仅次的,一部分科学研究工作中是在利兹综合性医院进行的。Department of Health guidance says air dryers should only be placed in public rather than clinical areas of the hospital, but only because of concerns around the noise.国家卫生部具体指导称作,烘手机应当只摆在公共场合而不是医院的临床医学地区,但那样保证代表着是由于忧虑噪声。

The study authors wrote the rules on the use of jet dryers need to be strengthened on the in the light of the new evidence.此项科学研究的创作者写到,依据新的直接证据,用于烘手机的标准务必加强。The problem starts because some people do not wash their hands properly, said Professor Mark Wilcox, who led the study at the University of Leeds. When people use a jet air dryer, the microbes get blown off and spread around the toilet room.科学研究领头人、利兹大学的马可·威尔科阿斯特里专家教授讲到:“不容易经常会出现这一难题是由于大家不只为冼澡。当大家用于喷气式样烘手机时,微生物菌种被掀起回过头,笼罩着到洗手间各部。

”In effect, the dryer creates an aerosol that contaminates the toilet room, including the dryer itself and potentially the sinks, floor and other surfaces, depending on the dryer design and where it is sited. If people touch those surfaces, they risk becoming contaminated by bacteria or viruses.“实际上,烘手机会造成一种喷雾器,环境污染洗手间各部,还包含烘手机自身及其蓄水池、木地板和别的表面,这不尽相同烘手机的设计方案和置放方向。假如大家了解这种表面,她们很有可能会被细菌或病原体环境污染。”The study looked at bacterial spread in a real world setting -- in two toilets in each of three hospitals, which were in the UK, France and Italy.此项科学研究剖析了真实的世界中的细菌散播情景--科研人员在三家医院各随意选择了二间洗手间,这三家医院各自位于美国、荷兰和西班牙。

Each of the toilets had paper towel dispensers and jet air dryers, but only one of these was in use on any given day.每一个洗手间都是有卫生纸取器和喷气式样烘手机,但在特殊的一天仅有一台机器设备可用。On each day, over 12 weeks, levels of bacterial contamination in the toilets were measured, allowing comparisons to be made when either paper towels or jet air dryers were in use.在高达12周的实验期限内,每一天,科研人员都是会精确测量洗手间内细菌环境污染水准,将用于卫生纸和用于喷气式样烘手机的状况进行比照。Samples were taken from the floors, air and surfaces in each of the toilets. The main target bacteria were Enterobacteria including Escherichia coli or E.coli, which cause a wide range of infections including gastroenteritis, pneumonia and septicaemia, and enterococci -- bacteria that can cause difficulty when treating infections.科研人员从每一个洗手间的木地板、气体和物件表面取样。

她们枪击的细菌主要是还包含大肠埃希菌(他们不容易造成广泛的病毒性感染,还包含胃肠炎、肺部感染和败血病等)和肠球菌(有这类细菌不会有以后难以放化疗病毒性感染)以内的肠细菌。They also looked for Staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for a range of conditions, from minor skin and wound infections to life-threatening septicaemia.科研人员还妄图寻找橙黄色链球菌,该细菌不容易造成一系列病症,还包含较比较严重的肌肤和伤口发炎和严重危害性命的败血病。

Across the three hospitals, bacterial counts were significantly higher in the toilets on the days that jet air dryers were in use.在三家医院中,洗手间的细菌数在用于喷气式样烘手机时都明显要多一些。We found multiple examples of greater bacterial contamination on surfaces, including by faecal and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, when jet air dryers rather than paper towels were in use, Professor Wilcox said.威尔科阿斯特里专家教授答复:“大家寻找很多在用于喷气式样烘手机时表面细菌环境污染更为相当严重的事例,还包含肠球菌和多种耐药性细菌,明显比用于卫生纸时多。